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I love teaching. I've taught taught creative writing, literature, and wilderness skills to people of all ages. I've worked in classrooms and on cliffsides, by email and in person. Here are a few testimonials from my students:

"Rachel is a very open-minded teacher who is constantly encouraging us to express ourselves. There was absolutely no feeling of judgement in this classroom." -English 383 student, University of Washington

"I found it very easy to write about topics that I was genuinely interested in while practicing the strategies that we were learning in class." -English 131 student, University of Washington

"Rachel's gift in teaching contributed immensely to my learning. In class she was approachable and composed. She always demonstrated genuine passion for writing and poetry, making constant reference to other work or writers we should look up if we were interested in the subject of discussion that day. Out of class, her feedback on our writing was thorough, meticulous and encouraging. Grading creative work is not easy, but she did it as professionally and intellectually as possible." -English 285 student, University of Washington

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