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Narrative. Return and Other Poems. Spring 2022.

Muzzle Magazine. Dear Memphis. Winter 2021.

Great River Review. Nocturne (runner-up for the PINK Prize). November 2021.

Nimrod International Journal. No matter, my treads are lined with Kevlar (semifinalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize). Fall/Winter 2021.

Poetry Northwest. Swatch Test & Dungeness. Fall/Winter 2021.

The Seventh Wave. Three Poems: Dear Memphis. Issue 13: Rebellious Joy.

Wildness. Passage. Eco Folio, Spring 2020.

Mantis. Clearing Out & Stone Way North. Spring 2020.


Beloit Poetry Journal. Descent Fragments & To Belong Less to

the Aggressor (finalist for the Adrienne Rich Award, judged by Naomi Shihab Nye). Fall 2018.

Crab Orchard Review. Dungeness Spit. Winter 2018.


About Place. The Boy on the Beach & Decomp. Fall 2017


Foundry. Stakeout Station. Fall 2017.

The Threepenny Review. Down This River. Spring 2017.


Passages North No. 28. Icarus, Again. 2017.


Southern Humanities Review. bespoke. Vol. 50 No. 3&4. 2017.


The Pinch. How Prayer Works. Fall 2016.




Poetry Northwest. Vision of Iapetus & Wandering Song. Summer/Fall 2016.

Prodigal Literary Journal. Water strider. Issue 2. April 2016.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Ice Age & Elegy for Sylvia H.'s Episodes. Issue 2.6. March 2016.

Fairy Tale Review. How Humans Use Dead Animals. Ochre Issue. March 2016.

Day One. For We Were Slaves. Issue 3.9. December 2015.

Painted Bride Quarterly. Memphis Blue. Issue 92. October 2015.

TYPO. Potential Energy. Issue 22. March 2015.

Colorado Independent. Birds of the Flood. July 2015.


Ploughshares Blog. "Imagining the Anthropocene: Anne Carson's 'The Anthropology of Water.'" November 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: The Floods of Derrick Austin's Trouble the Water." October 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: The Corporeal Poetics of Marianne Boruch's Cadaver, Speak." August 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: Danez Smith's 'summer, somewhere.'" August 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: Cathy Park Hong's Engine Empire." July 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: Evoking an Ecological Occult." June 2017. 


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: The Dissolving, Consuming Selves of Jane Wong's Overpour." May 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: What We Belong To, and the Appeal of the First-Person Plural." May 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: Lorine Niedecker's 'Lake Superior.'" April 2017.

----"Imagining the Anthropocene: Tommy Pico's NATURE POEM." March 2017.


----"Imagining the Anthropocene: "our long, dark time," Aracelis Girmay's the black maria. February 2017.


Sonder: A Blog of Seattle Arts & Lectures. Writing Against: On Rachel Zucker's Poetics of Wrongness. November 2016. 


Scout: Poetry in Review. Alejandra Pizarnik's Extracting the Stone of Madness. April 2017.


----Solmaz Sharif's Look. December 2016.


----Martha Collins's Admit One. April 2016.


----Nathaniel Mackey's Blue Fasa. October 2015.


----Morgan Parker's Other People's Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night.

August 2015.


The Critical Flame. Implied Freedom: Adrienne Rich's Radical Writer/Teacher. March 2015.


The Rumpus. TJ Jarrett's Zion. January 2015.


The Los Angeles Review of Books. It Gets Better: The Evolution of 'Queer TV.' July 2014.


The Critical Flame. Built of Voices: Kiese Laymon and Leigh Stein. May 2014.

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